Weekly Photo Challenge-A-Good-Match



My contribution for this week’s challenge…

A Good Match


A mill-pond sea…

a speed boat, and…


a para glider.

What more could you ask for on the French Riviera.


Not sure if this fits this week’s challenge,

but it is certainly complementary parking.


Cars are not allowed to park a 90 degrees Down Under,

unless all are similarly parked,

and I have had small cars like these try

to parallel park in into a much too small space in front of me.




5 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge-A-Good-Match

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  2. Owned a Honda Z back in the day. There were several parking spaces on the edge of the city which allowed one car to park between each tree. The spaces were way too big for one car but not big enough for two. Eventually, someone would park up one end and I would go nose in because my car was a long as most cars were wide. For years I had a guaranteed parking spot in the city lolol


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