Book Review-A-Whisper-of-Peace


A Whisper of Peace

(Heart of the Prairie #7)


Kim Vogel Sawyer


Set in Alaska, A Whisper of Peace, tells of the trials and tribulations faced by an American missionary and his step-sister when they try to start a Mission within an Athabascan tribal village.

Clay and Vivian must contend with Athabascan rituals and rules in a continuous battle to win over the tribe to Christianity.

One of  the rules inhibits a budding romance, although it is the connection between these two parties which brings about a peaceful resolution to one of the strictest rules.  

There was a question I  kept asking myself during this book as I felt it was pivotal to the plot and was being ignored.  Thankfully Clay’s father responded to a plea for guidance in a manner which had me nodding my head in agreement. 

A Whisper of Peace is another easy, enjoyable, read by Kim Vogel Sawyer novel.  I will go back for more.

A definite


Goodreads readers have rated

A Whisper of Peace

an average of 3.77 stars from 462 ratings and 63 reviews


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A Whisper of Peace

can be purchased on-line at 

FishpondBooktopia, and Amazon


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