Jo’s Monday Walk2017-Wk-08


We left Amsterdam bound for

Germany’s Rhineland District.

Our coach driver was still driving on the wrong side

of the road…just like everyone else.


Trains were speeding by at speeds never seen in Australia.

And so close to the roadway.


I have to be honest I do not know if this shot was

taken as we left Amsterdam or

while on our Rhine River Cruise.


These houses a certainly situated on the banks

of the Rhine River.


Finally we arrived for our lunch break at the

Cuckoo Clock Factory which makes Cuckoo Clocks

from the Black Forest wood.



Jo’s Monday Walk


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      • We traveled with Trafgar Tours (Code EGAR)…21 days for around $AUD6,000. Prices vary by about $300 (above or below( this depending when you travel. Plus the optional extras which amounted to approximately $2,500 per person. Before we left Australia we were told everyone did all the optional extras and budgeted accordingly. However, on Day 1 our Tour Director told us which Optional Extras we were going to see and which were not going see/visit and why. For us it was a $1,700 saving.

        This link will take you to our trip on Trafalgar Toours website. There is also a 22 day version.

        We loved every minute.

        There two negatives:
        1. There seemed to be thousands of other tourists loving their ‘every minute’ also, not something the company could control.
        2. I would have loved to spend more time in each city and take a breather occasionally.

        But then you need to weigh up visiting the most attractions/places in a cost effective time frame. For us time was a prime considerations and the trip suited our budget.

        Hope that helps.

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