Floral Friday17-0217_Ballarat


Floral Friday Challenge.


On  Tuesday, Valentines Day, I drove to Ballarat

to photograph some of its old architecture.


I was somewhat side-tracked by its begonias

being readied for ANZAC Day and the well known

Ballarat Begonia Festival.


I was just in time to see them being fed and chat to the gardener…


 who told me that he always plants red in this bed

for ANZAC Day, April 25.


Some beds were nearly down to foliage only….


however, there was a splash or two of colour

to brighten the scene.


Floral Friday

Floral Friday





4 thoughts on “Floral Friday17-0217_Ballarat

  1. There’s a TV mystery series based in Ballarat called the Doctor Blake Mysteries, have you ever heard of it? So it was great to see your series here in Ballarat, and the lovely begonias.


    • Must confess that I have not heard of it. However, I don’t watch ABC television very often either. I will try and track it down. As for the begonias…those prepared for the Begonia Festival are much better or so it seems on the TV news clips.

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