Jo’s Monday Walk2017-Wk-06

Amsterdam-3, Netherlands

 amsterdam_0389Although I had been told in primary school that bicycles

were a major form of transport in The Netherlands,

I was not prepared for the speed at which cyclists

propelled their machines along the road.



We were soon no longer in the way of local cyclists…


opting for a canal cruise and…


all the sights so foreign to us.


And yet so wonderful to be able to view these places in person.


Finally the Leaning Houses of Amsterdam…or some of them, I hope.

Apparently subsidence has caused some buildings to

list sideways or back/forwards, hence the name.



Jo’s Monday Walk


13 thoughts on “Jo’s-Monday-Walk2017-Wk06_Amsterdam-3

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  2. Certainly walking in Amsterdam is dangerous if one is not “cycle aware”. We were told that some buildings were built with a deliberate lean. It made using the hoist to get furniture to the top floors less prone to damage on the way. Good story, anyway!


    • The only other cyclists I have seen travelling at that speeds are professionals. And things like texting and talking on the phone while riding are certainly banned in cars while driving and I would imagine the same would apply to cyclists Down Under. We were shown the lifting hoists but I cannot remember if that was given as a reason.

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  3. Yeah we decided to rent to the south of the city and not in town because these old houses (while they look wonderful outside), have no lifts and if you live on the 3rd floor it will be a very very long flight of narrow narrow stairs…but still love Amsterdam for the 3 years there


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