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Robert Harris


Conclave, by Robert Harris, was recommended to me as an interesting read about the election, and selection, of a new Pope by the one hundred and eighteen cardinals eligible to vote.  In my opinion, Conclave lived up to its recommendation…and more.

Simply the process of electing a new Pope was, in itself, an interesting read.  However, combine this with the manipulation of good candidates out of contention with half-truths and innuendo left me wondering if there are any honest/clean Cardinals in the Catholic Church.

Conclave is a good easy read.  Thanks to my insomnia of late, I read Conclave in less than a week.  This, for me, is flying through a book.  A 0200 half hour reading session easily became an hour or more.  Fast readers will devour this story as it is a real page turner.

The only thing not in Conclave is straight out murder…and even that is not assured as the Pope’s death was not really explained.  And there was motive!!

One small word of warning, though.  Do not be put off by the first chapter of two as this is where all relevant characters are introduced with their long winded titles.

Whatever one’s religious background, or not, I think Conclave an excellent read.

I have place Conclave on My Favourites shelf on Goodreads.

Conclave is definitely a


star read.  

Goodreads readers have rated 


an average of 4.0 from 4,203 ratings and 624 reviews

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8 thoughts on “Book Review-Conclave

  1. Well! Your recommendation was spot on. I picked up the book yesterday afternoon, and finished reading it in a couple of big gulps. What an interesting, intriguing novel, and what a lot of twists along the way. I’ll be telling my reading friends about this one, for sure!


      • I’ll see if I can get it at the library. See if you can get Year of Wonders by Geraldine Brooks. It is set in 1666, in England, and chronicles what happens in a village when the plague arrives there. That doesn’t sound very enticing, I know, but it’s another good read, I reckon.


      • Not sure if you use an Ereader, however, I have emailed you a link for Conclave if you do have/use one. I have checked my online library for Year of Wonders, alas, not available. Plenty of other interesting titles from Geraldine Brooks though. True the topic may sound a bit gruesome but it is how the author portrays /tells the story that wins me over.


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