DISCOVER CHALLENGE17_0126_Conventional-Wisdom

Conventional Wisdom


Many people do not take a second look when driving past our eucalyptus trees.


However, I think these old and aging trees…


make a wonderful addition to our landscape.


Cypress pines can also be tall and stately.

However these trees are anything but that,

reflecting many years of strong onshore winds.

A tree which could be ignored has a story to tell.




I think our eucalypts make

wonderful living sculptures.


DP_Discover Challenge: Conventional Wisdom

10 thoughts on “DISCOVER CHALLENGE17_0126_Conventional-Wisdom

  1. Is it just me or are eucalypts especially beautiful to touch as well, compared to other trees. The bark is often so smooth and rich with patterns. Like fingerprints, each seems to have original markings. Thanks for your reminder


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