Book Review-Where-the-Heart-Leads


Where the Heart Leads

(Heart of the Prairie #2)


Kim Vogel Sawyer


Where the Heart Leads is set among a Mennonite community in America, early in the twentieth century.  

In my opinion, the plot could well be adapted into any community (particularly rural), in any country, regardless of religious beliefs.  I was born and raised in rural Western Victoria (Australia) and watched as nearly all my school mates turned their backs on the family farm and made their way to Melbourne or other cities in search of education and employment.

So it is in Where the Heart Leads.  The Ollenburger family send their son to College/University in Boston where he is exposed to a whole new way of life.  A life far different to that experienced in his hometown in Kansas.

With romantic ties in both his hometown and the big smoke we are left wondering the outcome until the last page or so.

Where the Heart Leads is an easy, enjoyable read.  It is my second Kim Vogel Sawyer book of this genre and I will go back for more.

A definite


Goodreads readers have rated Where the Heart Leads

an average of 4.09 from 634 ratings and 39 reviews

Where the Heart Leads - Kim Vogel Sawyer

Where the Heart Leads

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