Book Review-The-Twelfth-Card

The T
welfth Card


Jeffery Deaver

Although The Twelfth Card is the first of Jeffery Deaver’s books to be reviewed  here, it was my third novel in which Lincoln Rhyme and his team featured as the good guys.

Twelfth Card is a fast paced story.  A story which keeps readers wanting to read the next chapter and in so doing incurring some late nights/early mornings.

I thought the book could/would end about 40 pages earlier than it did, however the twists and turns included made every page thereafter worth reading.

Several times I thought that the story would/could end and was proven incorrect.  This may have been due to fact that I generally read prior to turning my light out at night, and my mind may not have been as alert as it could have been,

This story  kept me intrigued until the last page!


A definite


The Twelfth Card (Lincoln Rhyme, #6)

The Twelfth Card

can be purchased on-line at 

Booktopia, and Fishpond


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