Jo’s Monday Walk17-Wk02

Brugge-3, Belgium


 Last week I showed this archway as seen from

the main Square in Brugge.


This view is from the canal side of the archway,


as we walked back into Market Square.


And if you happened to look up whilst in the arch

you will see this remarkable ceiling.


Through the arch and to the left is St Basil’s Basilica.


Upon entering St Basil’s I was immediately drawn 

to a life-like wooden statue of Jesus…

brugge-church-statue_0165which depicts him bound prior to Crucifixion.

brugge-church_0167In a central nave a bronze statue of a pelican stands.  

The pelican was/is a symbol for

Christ and the Eucharist.


 My final photo is of Pietà.  

In many Cathedral there are wardens/security staff

ensuring that visitors remain quiet.  

No such staff were on duty during my visit

and there was no need to ask anyone to be quiet.  

It is/was a very sombre atmosphere in the

Holy Blood Chapel of St Basil’s.

My source of information about some of these images is:


I cannot recall if flash photography was allowed

in the Holy Blood Chapel.  

My photos were taken using slow (1/30 sec) shutter speed,


I guess like many locals and tourists

I light a candle before leaving.

I know I said last week that this would be

my last post of Brugge walk.

I will try, again, to make next week’s my last Brugge post.



Jo’s Monday Walk


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