Jo’s Monday Walk16-09

Brugge, Belgium


Our first night on the European continent was spent

in Brugge, at the NH Hotel.


After a mid afternoon check in we walked into Market Square.

brugges_0111NH Hotel is only a few metres from Het Zand, which is…


also bordered by the UNESCO building in Brugge.


In the middle of Het Zand is…


 a beautiful fountain, of which I have already posted

some night shots and will re-post next week.


We walked along Zuidzandstraat which was our first taste

of European crowds…locals and tourists

all blending in harmony.


After a lazy ten or fifteen minute walk

we reached Market Square.  

I will complete my Brugge walk next week.

In the meantime I wish all readers 

 a Safe, Prosperous and

Happy New Year.



Jo’s Monday Walk


Black and White Tuesday16-1227


Black and White Tuesday

 December 27, 2016


Last Thursday a Men’s Group to which I belong…


volunteered to help with preparations for

Carols by Candle Light

in a small country community.


All manner of signage was required,

from parking to first aid and lost kids and

securing areas to keep the public at a safe distance

when the fireworks display was in progress.


A barbeque marquees needed to

be firmly attached to terra firma.


And when we had completed our bit,

there were still stall holders to fill parts of this area.

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas

 I wish all fellow bloggers

Safe, Prosperous and

Happy New Year.christmas_york-2016_4016



Hope you enjoyed.





One of the best frosts we have ever

experienced came…


shortly after we moved to this address.

frost2206_1801Cold but perhaps not as cold as below.

At breakfast one morning,

nearly twelve months after we moved here…

ice-cold_3009I noticed a flow of water coming over

the edge of our verandah which has spouting/guttering

all round to cope with such contingencies.

Before I could do anything it stopped.

ice-cold_3008A few days later however, same thing.

Not sure if I grabbed my ladder or my camera first.

But I have never sen a horizontal ice flow

like this, before or since.


Weekly Weather:Cold

Weekly Weather

Travel Theme-Paper




Travel Theme.


All Christmas wrappings were safely deposited

in the recycle bin for collection on

Monday morning before I saw this week’s topic.

paper-millbw_6418aSo I have opted for some shots of an old…


paper mill on the  outskirts of Geelong.


As usual with old buildings…


there is some fascinating workmanship, both…


inside and out.


Where’s My Backpack: Paper



Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Chutes-Ladders


My contribution for this week’s

Chutes and Ladders


Only a week  late, but as they say…


I actually nearly photographed a similar ladder

but chose not to because there was a

young boy playing around it.

So  short of getting ladders out of the shed

this was the first, the one, the only ladder

I stumbled upon during the week.

There are portable silos around…but waaay over

in the paddock so distance would lose their chute.downpipe_6395

 However, while compiling my Travel Theme post

I noticed these down pipes in one image.

After all rain water passes from the spouting/gutter

into these pipes and takes it into

underground drains or storage tanks.








Black and White Challenge:

Mirror Images or Reflections.


I opted for reflections more than mirror images this week.

reflection_0024Geelong Foreshore.


Creek reflections.


Palm trees.


Just had to stop and take this shot.

Apart from BW and sharpening…no editing.


A small marina on Corio  Bay.


I  posted this in colour recently.

I will concede there was a fair bit

of Photoshop involved to tone down

bright spots and enhance reflections

in both versions.


Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Mirror-Images-ReflectionsBlack_White~~~~



Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge-16Wk-51_2512


Odd Ball

Week 51, 2016


We don’t get to say this very often….so….
christmas_2016_4043And using this photo

any other time of the year

would be odd!


Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge-51







Weekly Photo Challenge-Path



My contribution for this week’s challenge…



Our planned path for 2016 was to take us on a trip

to Europe with and few nights in Dubai on the way home.

Home in time to see our younger son married in November.

However, broken glasses in January and visits

to numerous ophthalmologists and being told I had

an ‘A typical melanoma‘ in my eye.


The pale colour is abnormal.

Best course of action was removal.

Sightseeing was looking dimmer and dimmer.

To cut a long story short…end of  June, no change,

early November, still no change.

My next visit is May 2017 .

And many, many test during  the early months of the year

revealed that I have Sarcoidosis…and not a melanoma.

So although the start of the year was very rocky…

christmas_vienna-2016_4007our path did take us to Europe,christmas_dubai-2016_4036
and Dubai.

And we did see our younger son married.

My path for 2017 is to revisit France and

the Western Front where

my Grandfather served

during World War I.

Just a short trip.

It may or may not come to fruition.




Floral Friday-16-1223


Floral Friday Challenge.


December 23, 2016.


Fuchsias from York


Hopefully these red fuchsias are more visible

to you than they are to me.


Red and green being the worst combination

of colours for me to discern.


Our first house came with some

ancient fuchsia bushes and we loved them.

We have not thought of growing fuchsias

in our current environment.

Merry Christmas


Happy New Year


Floral Friday

Floral Friday