Book Review-The-French-Promise

The French Promise


Fiona McIntosh

I found the audio version of ‘The French Promise‘ thoroughly enjoyable and well worth a listen, or reading.

As mentioned last week I read this book before reading its prequel.   Though thoroughly enjoyable as a standalone, it does make more sense as the second of the series as many of the main characters (and their history) are introduced in The Lavender Keeper

A post World War II setting sees a whole range of themes ranging from romance to death and revenge.

The setting for this book is Tasmania, where characters established in The Lavender Keeper make a new home after World War II .

One of two criticisms I have with the audio versions is that the narrator’s voice is vastly different to my usual narrators, which is one I assume over which the author has no control.

My secondly grumble is that the book seemed to end abruptly.  However, the ending was appropriate…it was just that I was expecting a more, and a different ending.

I look forward to reading more of Fiona McIntosh’s books.

Image result for the french promise by fiona mcintosh

Definitely a



And also one of my favourites.


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