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My contribution for this week’s challenge…



Our planned path for 2016 was to take us on a trip

to Europe with and few nights in Dubai on the way home.

Home in time to see our younger son married in November.

However, broken glasses in January and visits

to numerous ophthalmologists and being told I had

an ‘A typical melanoma‘ in my eye.


The pale colour is abnormal.

Best course of action was removal.

Sightseeing was looking dimmer and dimmer.

To cut a long story short…end of  June, no change,

early November, still no change.

My next visit is May 2017 .

And many, many test during  the early months of the year

revealed that I have Sarcoidosis…and not a melanoma.

So although the start of the year was very rocky…

christmas_vienna-2016_4007our path did take us to Europe,christmas_dubai-2016_4036
and Dubai.

And we did see our younger son married.

My path for 2017 is to revisit France and

the Western Front where

my Grandfather served

during World War I.

Just a short trip.

It may or may not come to fruition.




19 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge-Path

  1. Sorry to hear of the troubles with your eye, but glad you were able to travel even though you were working on a cure and wondering what the next step would be. Best wishes for accomplishing all those travels in the new year! They sound terrific!


    • The funny part about the whole episode is that my eye is not troubling me…it is only the experts who thought it may be. And that is not to say it won’t a a later date, but I am more careful in the sun these days. New bigger sunglasses and similar precautions all help. Must be honest I am looking forward to my short journey in 2017.

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  3. Thanks for sharing! … May 2017 bring you more beautiful memories and wonderful paths.. And all the best with the tests 🌷
    Merry Christmas and Happy new year 😊


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