Book Review-The-Lavender-Keeper

The Lavender Keeper


Fiona McIntosh

The Lavender Keeper’ is the precursor to its sequel ‘The French Promise‘.  This may appear as an odd statement; however, unlike some other series or sequels (which can be read as standalone novels) it is definitely better to read The French Promise as the second book.

Both books contain basically the same characters.  Some merely alluded to in one book and expanded upon in the other, hence the necessity to read the two books in order.

I read The French Promise first not knowing that it was a sequel and thoroughly enjoyed it.

I immediately followed with The Lavender Keeper which was as enjoyable.

The only spoiler I will add is that it was set during World War II

I look forward to reading some more of Fiona McIntosh’s books.

Image result for The-Lavender-Keeper

Definitely a



And also one of my favourites.


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