Jo’s Monday Walk


Last Monday I happened upon a 

previously unexplored section of

Geelong Botanic Gardens.

geelong-botanic-gardens1_0191A bright sunny day and this track lead me to

a wetland of sorts, and also to…

geelong-botanic-gardens2_0188this sign.  I would have thought it common sense

but apparently we have to warn everyone.  

It is December, reptiles are on the move

and one was even found in a Melbourne

(Central Business District) street last week.


The hour, the heat and the sign kinda of prevented me

from wandering down his side.

geelong-botanic-gardens4_0186I took the left tun and hoped there would not

be snakes in the shadier section.


Native grasses have all seeded..


and provided some interesting compositions.


However, a stiff breeze kept all grasses moving

which made focusing difficult


The only thing not swaying in thee breeze

was this junior pine tree.

 I wish all fellow bloggers

a Merry Christmas and

a Safe, Prosperous and

Happy New Year.




Jo’s Monday Walk


10 thoughts on “Jo’s-Monday-Walk_16-8_Geelong-Botanic-Gardens

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  2. I trod VERY carefully, Woolly! Normally I’m very carefree 🙂 Lovely shots of the grasses. Thank you so much for keeping me company and I wish you and yours a great Christmas too. Best wishes for 2017!


    • The older I get the more careful I tend to get. I still remember an 18 inch long snake coming out from under a mob of sheep I was droving. The snake was in a hurry and did not see my feet either side of it as it passed…but I can assure you I did. Another occasion while playing golf…in the rough…I happened to look behind me and saw a three foot tiger snake curled up in the August sun, with my golf buggy wheels running either side of it. I used to drag my buggy beside me, so you can imagine how close my feet had to be to the snake.


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