One Word Photo Challenge-Dog


An easy challenge this week…
 candi-taji_3821Our current pooches during a thunderstorm.

Taji almost slept through it while

Candi was upset by the noise.


Our dear departed Maggie after being caught

digging in the garden and wearing the evidence.

ginger_1777aFinally, my dear Ginger.

This shot was taken only a week or so

before she unexpectedly passed away, October 2015.

I had her father for 13 years

and Ginger was 14 when she died.

Father and daughter for a total of 27 years…

and it seemed like a blink of an eye.


 One Word Photo Challenge:Dog



9 thoughts on “One Word Photo Challenge-Dog

    • Thank you. It is an unfortunate fact of life with working dogs. They just get to an age where they will do everything required of them you need to start thinking of where will their replacement come from…and how soon it will be needed.


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    • Has been a hard rwelve months pet wise. The last of our ‘farm pets’ Soxie, our car, eventually succumbed to his advancing years in late October. So we are now subject to the healthy, agile eager, fun loving ways of two young dogs. Didn’t realise it was so hard having a young dog.

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      • Must be honest..with one very old Labrador, one young lab and one young kelpie where were times…there were times when I questioned my sanity in accepting a Christmas/birthday gift of a kelpie pup. Life is slowly sorting itself…but not until several hundred dollars of damage has been done to the back yard.

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