Black and White Challenge:



Just to show I do see more animals…


than those of the backyard variety…

I have included some cattle.

The top one features young Murray Greys and an Angus heifer.

Above are young Herefords.


Moppett still as the title of our oldest cat.

Moppet died about ten years ago after

surviving being lost for six weeks in late 2005.

We think she hopped up under the tray of the utility I had at the time,

because she turned up, skin and bone,

out near the garden supply centre we frequent.

We planted a Mop Top tree (Robina psudoacacia inermis)

over Moppett.


A square of fake grass has worked wonders for a young dogs.

They now love to park themselves under our trampoline,

which is only good for shade, and watch the world go by.


Two very different reactions to a thunderstorm a week or so ago.

Candi was whimpering and looking for cover…and Taji

was doing what all Labradors do between meals.


Earlier in the week was Candi’s turn to

monitor the world from under the trampoline.

This was when I returned home after

tying her up two and a half hours earlier.

A small piece of gravel must have jammed her catch open.

Thankfully she was just sleeping and

not running wild….that I know of.


Cee’s Black & White Challenge: AnimalsBlack_White~~~~~



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