Jo’s Monday Walk


On Saturday night or early Sunday morning I received a query from

Julz…….artist, blogger, photographer, graphic designer

regarding the location of  this photo…


which I posted in my Geometrical post a week or two ago.

monaco_0258Thanks to Google I was able to locate a photo

which included this statue…


dedicated to Prince Albert’s 25th anniversary,

but also the cannon balls in the first photo

only a few metres in front of it.

Why I did not take at least

one contextual photo, I don’t know.


There were plenty of cannons situated…


around the Royal Palace of Monaco.


Set high above the city…


it provided some striking views…


including this one…the three country view.

In the foreground is Monaco, naturally,

the middle ground is France

and waaaaay in the background is Italy.

Three countries at once…not something an Aussie sees every day.


Now all we had to do was walk back

down a long hill, to our coach. 🙂




Jo’s Monday Walk


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