Travel Theme-Snowy




Travel Theme.


So pleased that Ailsa left this theme as snowy rather than snow.

 Snowy I have…real snow I have never seen!!snow_flake_1961

Snow Drops transported from our farm home.


Erlicheer…jonquil or daffodil?

 I cannot remember what was on the label

and Google gives the same images for both.


Snowy white pelicans seem to love the Geelong area…

pelican_3035or maybe it’s just that there are wetlands which are

accessible to both birds and photographer.


These snow caps draw out…

torquay_surfer_0092surfers any time of the year..

torquay_kite_3346Last week I saw my first kite surfer ever.


It looked more fun than board surfing.

Much quicker movement…

more photography opportunities.

ibis_0088Finally, a dear old Ibis.



Where’s My Backpack: Snowy






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