Black and White Challenge:

Signs of Any Kind.


Cee, I hope you really meant signs of ANY kind, this week.

And you have said, somewhere, that you would like

to see my photos taken recently.

With all that in mind this may be considered

an R or X Rated post by some.

Forewarned. :-).

Today’s post relates to

Pompeii and its Red Light District.

 pompeii_red-light_0851While negotiating the wet weather in Pompeii,

our guide pointed out this stick/stone protruding

from the wall above the small rectangular window.


This is a close up shot.

She told us it indicated a Red Light District was nearby.


A few minutes later we were shown through

part of said Red Light area.

All agreed that the bed did not look all that comfortable,

with general consensus being that it was a sign of

some aches and pains somewhere?!


However, there were plenty of signs around…


to guide and assist ‘visitors’.


And just in case you were walking along and

did not see the original sign,

about 20 feet above ground level,

this one (also indicating the same area)

was also pointed out to us as we

made our way out of the ruins.


It would be hard to miss as it appears to be

nearly as long, as many of the feet passing by.

So there you have it.

Signs from Pompeii.  

I never thought that I would be able to

use these photos, in a legitimate challenge.  

Thank you Cee. 😀  


Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Signs of Any Kind







3 thoughts on “Cee-BW-Challenge-Signs-of-Any-Kind

    • Well you learn something every day. Never heard of this before. LEDs etc and raunchy signs throughout Kings Cross in Sydney…I’m sure there is similar in Melbourne and any other cities. But it was all in fun. Certainly not something I expected to see at Pompeii. In fact a lot of things I expected we did not see. I might sound morbid, but all the documentaries, readings and school studies of Pompeii over the years largely have focused on bodies found where they sat, lay etc. and Google has plenty of these images which others have seen. They were not part, or a very minor part of our tour. And the brothel was totally unexpected. 🙂

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