Black and White Tuesday16-0111


Black and White Tuesday

November 01, 2016


On a country golf course last weekend,

just out of Geelong…

was a commemoration of the

Battle of Bannockburn.

Visitors from all over Victoria

arrived to enjoy the festivities.


They were able to watch battle re-enactments…


or visit one of the many stalls on hand.


These last two photos have all faces blurred for privacy reasons.

There is a legal document which states something along the lines

that if one is in a public place they must expect that their photo

may be taken (and published on-line) …especially at an event like this.

After promising to post some photos on a particular Facebook page,

I was denied that option due to privacy/consent…even though

I had spoken with my subjects and their manager/organiser.

Don’t know what it is like in other countries.

While I love taking photos of people

I find animals and landscape easier to deal with.  😀



Hope you enjoyed.


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