Weekly Photo Challenge-Transmogrify



My contribution for this week’s challenge…



A few months ago l happened along this road…

one of my favourite drives with its stately eucalypts.


Many years ago these trees…


or perhaps this one, photographed on Thursday…


would have seen out there days as part of a dray…


either the frame…


 or a wheel.





15 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge-Transmogrify

      • Aged wood … has loads of stories to tell. There is museum in Copenhagen that has a “cobble stone” court yard of wood, been there for over 1000 years.


      • I don’t know how how old the country yard could be .. but the palace that the art museum is today are from 1672 – Charlottenborg Palace. And the wood cobblestones are still going strong.


      • Yes, we have a lot of fantastic buildings and sites … in Europa, but still behind the Asia. I’m always amazed how they managed to get the building straight and get all corners to add up. Today we have so many tools to help us.


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