I am oh so late this week…


There are times when my camera is

definitely a tool of trade.

Computer_0315And considering I spent 5 years teaching people

how to use these, they went from a fun

addition to home to a tool very quickly.


A Photo a Week Challenge: Tools


8 thoughts on “A-Photo-a-Week-Challenge-Tools

    • Yes…our boys keep telling us how slow the internet is compared to theirs. I think I am miserable when it comes to internet nd that our telcos charge too much for it. However, hopefully when we are connected to thee National Broad Band network, unlimited data and phone calls, our internet speed will improve.


    • Certainly is…and we have been on a limited 50GB (25 peak/25 off peak) internet plan for ages. it has sufficed. However, we came home on October 6 to find 6 GB (a huge amount for us) used in first five days of October. We have been working on 128kps since mid October and also waiting to be transferred to new plan.


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