Travel Theme-Dried




Travel Theme.


We had two wet days while we were in Europe.

The second one was the day we visited Pompeii.

pompeii_0810We were not sure if we were going to get drowned,

or not, such was the weather.


However armed with ponchos and umbrellas

we had a relatively dry experience at Pompeii, until…


we were leaving the ruins.

Mother nature decided that we should hurry

to keep dry and down came the rain.


We sheltered under this shade cloth.  Yes, shade cloth.

Umbrellas and ponchos still required to stay dry.

After about twenty minutes of solid rain we decided

it had eased enough to make our way back to our coach.


  Scenes like this greeted us at every corner

and I must admit to being glad

we had completed our tour

and not just arriving like

many dry fellow travelers, just off their coach.

On the whole we were warm and dry

and not far away from our hotel.


Where’s My Backpack: Dried



4 thoughts on “Travel Theme-Dried

  1. Pompeii is definitely one place I really want to see. When we were in Italy in July Pompeii was too far out of our way and it was so hot that it would have been unbearable. I think I will save Pompeii for another trip and I will definitely plan to go in October or November.


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