Travel Theme-History




Travel Theme.


My first thoughts were of churches I have

photographed over the past few years.


This shot can never be captured again as

someone in their wisdom has cut down the

tree which created this gorgeous shadow.


The interior of many churches,

particularly the old bluestone variety,

has been retained despite changing

the functionality of the church

for modern masses/services.


The craftsmanship in these windows

is from another era altogether.


Many old country churches

are being re-purposed.

The first church I ever attended is now a barn of sorts.

Another, similar to this,

is now a family residence.


Then there are members of society which

think this is what a Church should look like.


In this case 140 years of history was turned to

rubble in a few hours early one morning.


  There was speculation that it had something to do

with child sex abuse within Churches as

several churches were destroyed by fire in the Geelong area.

Church-B_7998My guess is that if it is ever rebuilt this church

it will moved slightly and will be part of a school complex

and future generations of children will be told

how their parents or grandparents

were married in that corner of the playground.


Not as silly as it sounds as MGW and I were married in

what is now an Aldi car park in Geelong 🙂



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8 thoughts on “Travel Theme-History

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  2. I was going to sathis much I loved the shadow on the church in the first image – and then u noted the tree was cut down- wow – truly a keepsake shot…..
    and an Aldis car port? yes time changes things – nice history post – 😉


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