Wordless Wednesday16_2408

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Hopkins Falls


A few weeks ago I traveled to what once

was a relatively nearby waterfall…


Hopkins Falls on the Hopkins River.

I wasn’t really happy with any of the photos.

I tried a slow shutter speed here,

but too much water for that silky look

that many waterfall photos have.


I used to live with in 50 kilometres of this water fall

and only visited it one less than a handful of occasions,

and never with this much water flowing.

So…it looks like back to the drawing board

as far as photographing waterfalls is concerned.




Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday (create-with-joy.com)

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4 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday16_2408

  1. Great photos. If you want to take long shutter speed photos of water use a filter which darkens the image so that you can use the longer shutter speed to give that soft look. I must get out and do some myself. This means that you can do this during the day. Hope this helps


    • Thanks Raewyn. I did have problems getting a reasonable photo….do you mean a neutral density filter? Must confess that it was just something I tried to achieve. I would like to be able to achieve that look, however, it is not one of the ‘must dos’…if you know what I mean.


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