Travel Theme-Weather




Travel Theme.


Commencing with one…


of our sunrises, thanks to our eastern facing windows.

First time I have lived in a house which can see the sun rise

and to a lesser degree set.


A Moorabool Valley sunset from last year.


The cropped and enhanced version of above.


These storm clouds flooded Geelong earlier this year.

Twenty minutes before the storm hit, Number 2 son drove

through an underpass which was seen with cars

floating along the street on the television that night.


About 2300 hours…image illuminated by lightning.


I have posted ‘crops’ of this image several times.

Manly Beach in beach weather.


Finally, one of my favourites.

I think the picture does the talking..


Where’s My Backpack:Weather






10 thoughts on “Travel Theme-Weather

    • I think I have been lucky with this one. There was one lightning shoot where I thought I had wasated an hour or so in the middle of the night and wasn’t until I had them on computer that one showed up and I think it may have been this shot. Dumb luck, stubborness (sacrificing sleep for photos) and having a storm or two in the right spot helps.


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