Black and White Tuesday16-0908


Black and White Tuesday

 August 09, 2016


Some Black and White silhouette shots.





 I think this may be my favourite of these…


or perhaps this.

Just not sure.



Hope you enjoyed.


16 thoughts on “Black and White Tuesday16-0908

      • Yes – I see that now!
        I also like the vibe – it was kind of serious (to me) and the composition has nice spacing – the element of 4 and the lines – so nice for b and w….
        Even though dude – I still have that wonderful spring yellow with me today!


      • I just hope yo realise that vibe, composition spacing and elemnts were words which never entered my grey matter when taking, cropping and processing this/these photos.

        MGW often grumbles when I choose yellow or bright colours which are not red or green. Which i smy way of agreeing with you. Wattle are in bloom, jonquils and daffodils are on the way. Soon the garden will have parches of all scattered here and there…and we won’t be here to enjoy any of it, again.

        But thank you for the compliments (I think) YP.

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      • Well so many times photos (and stories or even projects) are out together with the essence of the person and so it is okay that u do not know the terms while still implementing them into your work.
        I see this with art often!
        A painter paints and likes the finished piece.
        Later – someone notes the informal symmetry or contrast with complementary colors and the artist says he thought. I thing of it – just did his thing –
        So you see – it comes from within – or should – and so just do what you do for this season and at this time!
        Because as I know u know – we also change as we move along –
        Anyhow – that’s all from me – ha! Good week to u W!


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