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Travel Theme.


While in Botswana  in 2014 we were introduced to the sport of

Impala Dung Spitting.

(I decided to be politically correct with the title)

Each contestant must finds his, or her,

own piece of impala dung before they can compete.

There is a lot of skill involved in the selection process alone.

Too fresh is not good.  Dung needs to dry a bit.

Too old is too light and lots of sucking must be done

to re-hydrate it the optimal spitting weight.

So probably it is best to come along about

a week after the impala…if you get my drift.

Our guides demonstrated.

The apprentice went first.
Sport_0317Note the stance.Sport_N1864aKnees bent.

Leaning back to gain maximum trajectory.

Sport_0317aBreath in….(through your nose),

then in one swift movement…

Sport__0319lock your knees straight….
Sport_0321raise yourself onto your toes

for added height and distance…

 Sport_0317bAND at the same time  curl your tongue

around the projectile and exhale…through one’s mouth!

Sport_0322Finally have your pellet spotter…

mark your pellet.

Sport_0326Now the master’s turn.

Note the slightly different style.

Weight initially transferred to the back foot…


Still slightly bent knees..

Sport_0330arms raised to help with trajectory.


and after a quick transference of weight

from back to front foot,

it’s pellets away…
Sport_1863ausing the rear leg for balance as the body leans

forward to gain trajectory and distance.

Sport_0334One this day the apprentice out spat his master.


 However, I think a draw would have been appropriate…

Sport_0336as you will notice that there is one guest…

Sport_0337walking directly into the line of spit.

Sport_0338This would be off-putting enough to put anyone

off their best spitting performance.

 We could possibly turn this  into an Olympic,

certainly an international event.

Sheep produce spit-able pellets,

as do rabbits and many other animals.

Just think of the headline

South Africa versus Australia

in the Dung Spitting test.


Where’s My Backpack:Sport



10 thoughts on “Travel Theme-Sport

    • Not on my bucket list of things to do either! But filled in ten or fifteen minutes. Had everyone laughing and that is what you do with Imagine Africa 4 x 4 Safaris….have a laugh nearly the whole time.


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