One Word Photo Challenge:Circus



Circus…another problem challenge this week.

Then that Eureka moment.


A few weeks ago I posted this picture of our

fairly recently acquired Miss Saigons.


On Monday or Tuesday this sight greeted me…


our clowns had been playing around the front of our house.

Big paw prints were evident on cream pavers.


 And not only is Miss Saigon fracture but

the two pots alongside as well.

Does that make it a three-ring circus?

Certainly seems like it.


One Word Photo Challenge: Circus


8 thoughts on “One Word Photo Challenge:Circus

    • Disapointed is more the word. Annoyed maybe…we have just replaced the two round pots this morning….had to go to another store to do that. However, Miss Saigon maybe repairable, but certainly not able to be purchased anywhere at the moment.

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