A Foreigner….in our house?


Two or three weeks back Number 1 Son asked us out for breakfast.  Or brunch at 10.30 AM.  We both would have died of starvation if we had waited that long…yet he thinks its normal!  He wanted a ride to the airport…!!!

We had hardly sat down and he said to… Continue Reading……….


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5 thoughts on “A Foreigner….in our house?

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  2. Ha ha. I was wondering where this was going as I read though your post. A Kiwi, really, a foreigner? Good job your son’s have not fallen from a Pom! I do love your comment about having 2 daughters without the hassle of raising the. That is such a lovely sentiment :0


    • Glad you enjoyed it. Yes, not really a foreigner, more like a next door neighbour.
      As for falling for (you wrote from, presume you meant ‘for’) a Pom…as long as she was a nice Pom, and attempted to be part of her new ‘family’ it would not matter.

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    • I am having a big laugh while reading your comment Raewyn. Must confess we did not get around to the All Blacks or anything else much related to NZ. We were quietly talking to her and watching how she fitted in so well with our family…including PDIL No 1 :-). And I was thinking of you when I wrote that piece and hoped for a comment :-). And Yes, we agree she is lovely…


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