Black and White Challenge:

Older than 50 Years.


 Random fifty pluses this week.


The Promenade Walk way has been part of

Geelong’s Eastern Beach for as long as I can remember…

and fortunately, or unfortunately that falls into

the 50+ years these days.


Dad’s original wool shed/shearing shed was in a state of disrepair

in my earliest memories but was created from

blue-stone pitchers and mud mortar….similar to this building.

In fact I would suggest that Dad’s/my Grandfathers wool shed

would have been constructed in the 1800s as my Grandfather

came to  own the farm as a World War 1 Soldier Settler.


 I only visited this small town a few months ago.

I would venture to suggest that this house may have

seen closer to one hundred summers than fifty.

Again it resembles the ‘old part’ my parents and grandparents

house which was always said to be a hundred years old.

It never seemed to age….. 😀


The red brick facade of many of Geelong’s waterfront buildings

denotes that they were once wool stores.

In this Dennys Lascelles building, like many others,

wool growers would see their wool on display for

buyers to peruse prior to bidding at the auction room.

A grower with a four bale lot of wool would probably

see all four bales on display, whereas a grower with

100 bale lot would see about 20 or 30 bales on display.

In other words a sample.

In the early 1970s objective measurement came into being

and the need for room to display large quantities of bales

faded into the past.

Now we only see a 20 kilogram sample from each lot of wool.

The difference being is that each lot is now

scientifically measured for

fibre diameter, yield and tensile strength.

All of which was guess-work by skilled buyers in bygone days.

And that leads to my professions nickname….the guesser.  

See my About page.

Finally, while this building still bears

the Denny’s Lascelles name it now houses

Deakin University’s Water Front Campus.

Billnmw2I have posted this previously.

My Grandfather and his only grandchild,

two weeks before he passed away.

Taken in mid 1952.

I just wish I was looking a bit happier.


Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Older than 50 Years





23 thoughts on “Cee-BW-Challenge-Older-than-50-Years

    • It is…and is the only thing I have to remind me of him. Even a Distinguished Conduct Medal he was awarded during WW 1 appears destined to be given to the War Memorial in Canberra.


  1. I love the history of your photographs. Did your family make wool yarn?
    It must have been a wonderful experience to have grown up on a farm. The wide open spaces and fresh air must have been freeing. I can’t post a comment without adding one about the last photo your grandfather. I think u look precious. What a fabulous photo to have and treasure.
    Isadora 😎
    ps – thanks for the pingback 😃


    • Thank you for your ‘precious’ comment, Isadora….thought I think many would disagree with you 😉 We did not actually make the yarn. We grew wool for sale to buyers from Japan, Italy and in latter years India became a large buyer of Australian wool. They would turn the raw wool into fabric. It was a great experience growing up on a farm. It was relatively small just under 600 acres. Central Park New York is 842 acres. MGW and I purchased 300 acres when we were married and still own that along with about half of my Grand Parents/Parents farm.

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  2. Love the picture of your grandfather and you. You appear to be about 2-3 years old so about my age. We have quite a few memories of a world never seen by today’s children. Thanks for sharing.


    • It was July 1952, not yet 18 months old…and we do have many memories not even considered by today’s children. In fact the subject of technology came up with a Grade 5/6 class I was teaching a few years ago. They did not believe me when I told them chalk and a black board was the only technology I had in Grade 6. 😀

      Liked by 3 people

      • I don’t remember bomb drills…maybe were so far out in the country we were unlikely targets. However, I do remember vision of people in their bomb shelters. Manually operated telephone exchanges??? My Grandmother owned our local post office and telephone exchange. John Glenn’s trip into space and sputnik…watching for it to [pass over head. Now we are surrounded by satellites.

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