Black and White Tuesday16-1907


Black and White Tuesday

 July 19, 2016


Bell’s Beach last Wednesday.

Near Torquay, Bell’s Beach…

is the site of the

Rip Curl Pro

Surfing Carnival... 


each year.


To this non surfers eyes there were some decent rides

last week in a rough surf all the way along the coast.



Hope you enjoyed.


6 thoughts on “Black and White Tuesday16-1907

    • I am not going to disagree with you. Not sure which way you were travelling, but I used to lived near Warrnambool/Port Fairy and visited Lochard Gorge are relatively frequently. However, this end of The Great Ocean Road, (Torquay, Bells Beach, etc) is still reasonably new to me and I just love it as much.

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      • All wonderful places, we started at Torquay and ended at Port Fairy with two overnight stops. GOR had been on my bucket list for 30 years so great to actually experience it. And with good weather. I’ll be posting about it over the next few days.

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      • That would be a wonderful drive and time to complete it. I took some Canadian friends along GOR in 2013 and 40 degree heat. All day to reach Port Canpbell and two home via the inland roads. Just exciting then as it was forty years ago.

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  1. Funnily enough we had rough seas last Wednesday too – so I took a lot of photos too. Yours are definitely better than mine. I had to stop – my hands froze due to the wind chill factor


    • It was a big system that passed through last week so not all that surprised that both sides of the ditch were effected. With all due respect, regarding yours and my photos, I look at yours at times and wonder how you achieved managed to capture that shot. As a mentor, when I began teaching maths 16 years ago said, you do it it differently, not incorrectly, better or worse…just differently. I think the same is true for photography.


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