This is MGWs Facebook post.

I could not say it any better. 


After 13 years of faithful friendship,

loyal companionship and unwavering love,

our beautiful labrador, Maggie,

went to sleep for the final time

early this afternoon with the gentle,

winter sun on her back. imageShe has been an integral part of our family since the day

Don brought her home as an 8 week old puppy;

devoted to each one of us,

and she will be sorely missed.image Rest in peace, my gorgeous girl.

You will never be forgotten,

and your passing has left

an enormous hole in my heart.


Not the Saturday we expected.

However, as is often said,

she is no longer in any discomfort.

RIP Maggie.

27/03/2003 – 16/07/2016

32 thoughts on “Maggie…..R.I.P

  1. so heartbreaking.. rip dear maggie… say hello to johnny (my GSD) at the rainbow bridge.. it’s been more than a year since he passed but i still miss to this day.. sending lots of hugs.


    • Thank you. It was the best in the end. Twelve months ago we thought Ginger had another few years left in her. She died suddenly last October. When we brought Taji home apparently I had hoped that Maggie would have another few years left to be with Taji. Now all we have form last year is one very tired cat who just seems to keep on hanging in there and which we thought would not see this winter.


    • I thought the Facebook post the best way to remember her. The day I brought Maggie home I went via MGW’s workplace and totally disrupted her Prep class with our new eight week old puppy.


  2. Feeling so sad for you. I remember putting my beloved Bluey to sleep after his 15 years with us. Treasure those sweet memories you have of your sweet girl. RIP Maggie. xo


  3. It has to happen, but how we wish our beloved pets could outlive us.

    It has been an honour to know your Maggie, through your blog. Goodbye, lovely gentle lass.


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