Weekly Photo Challenge-Look-Up



My contribution for this week’s challenge…

Look Up


Nature for my Look Ups this week.


The moon setting on our shortest day this year.

The clouds and camera settings account for the colour.


Two photos taken within a few minutes of each other…


and with some effects applied to enhance the clouds.

At least I think so.


From dark ominous clouds to clouds that

only speak of fair weather.

Corio Bay, Geelong


Finally a late April sunrise, 2016.



13 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge-Look-Up

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    • Thank you. Has been so cold and wet (a normal winter for a change) that last thing I have thought of is photography. This may change this week as snow is forecast for Melbourne. That will be something to get to see. Hope you are not laughing too hard. 😀

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      • Yes it would. The last time I saw snow…or the results thereof…was about this time of year in 1980. Sheep had three to four inches of snow on their backs, schools kids building snowmen..or should that be people in this politically correct era we live in? 🙂 That was in higher country than where we lived. Apparently we had a few snow flakes which disappeared upon touchdown, very early in the morning.

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      • Yes…1980 was the first and last time I saw snow. It was in the Great Diving Range as I drove home from New South Wales. Snow is forecast for Melbourne within the next 48 hours and that being the Case Ballarat, 45 minutes away, should have snow also as it is higher altitude

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