Floral Friday-16-0707


Floral Friday Challenge.


Geelong Botanic Gardens.

Cactus were never my favourite plant.

cactus_0139 However, I am beginning to appreciate

their ability to survive where others don’t.

 cactus_0141The first two photos were taken in the

Geelong Botanic Gardens

in late summer 2015.

cactus_8983I don’t know if this was vandalism

or the plants needed to be trimmed.

I fancy the former and if the culprits were caught

they should have been made to sleep

on a cactus bed for a week…in the raw.

A bit harsh?  Maybe!

But I am tired of seeing years of hard work

and nurturing being destroyed

by morons who continually take pleasure

in destroying but will not use

the same energy to create.


Floral Friday

Floral Friday




10 thoughts on “Floral Friday-16-0707

  1. The tops of those plants will grow if treated correctly. Someone may have wated a started. Succulents need a period to dry the breakd. Place in moist soil and not water again until firm in soil or new growth. Cacti are succulents.


  2. I agree with you about the vandalism. My grandmother love cacti. So seeing any cacti reminds me of her garden. Me, personally, am not a fan of them though. Don’t like the thorns.


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