Black and White Challenge:

Store Front Signs.


I may have messed this challenge

as I have included some outdoor signs as well.
signs_0047 Young and Jackson is a well known watering hole

in Melbourne….just opposite Flinders Street Station


is the home of the very famous Chloe.

Warning…this link contains adult images 🙂

sign_0004 Just the temperature of a cup of coffee I am told.

A popular coffee shop in Pakington Street, Geelong.


The sign says it all.

sign_7520You will  find many mouths and a lot of…

bull in Australian pubs.


Roadworks ahead.


Unfortunately chips are not all that cheap these days.

Daintree Ferry_Sign_5330

When crossing a crocodile infested river

on a ferry with flimsy or light side railings

one would think it only common sense to

NOT do any of these things.

After all we wouldn’t want the crocs

hooked on nicotine, would we?

Daintree River Crossing

in Far North Queensland.


Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Store-Front-Signs





8 thoughts on “Cee-BW-Challenge-Store-Front-Signs

  1. I would think they would mention the crocodiles in that warning sign. Like …Put “BEWARE OF HUNGRY CROCS” at the top — after which everyone would respond enthusiastically to the rest!


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