Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Fountains


My contribution for this week’s




Some local fountains to begin…

On the shore of Lake Wendouree, Ballarat.

Lake Wendouree was the site of all rowing events

at the 1956 Olympic Games.

Fountain_Geelong_0089Geelong Botanical Gardens.Fountain_Geelong_0005

Not sure if this is an operating fountain,

or, whether the previous photo

belongs is part of this fountain.


A wall of water at Manly, Sydney,

which was being enjoyed…


by this pair.


The King’s Cross Fountain.


I knew King’s Cross as a suburb of Sydney

and its reputation before my visit last year.

The fountain was not one of the things to

which I am referring.

According to

Frankie Davidson’s 1962 song Have You Ever Been to See King’s Cross

I have now seen the world. 😀


Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge:Fountains






12 thoughts on “Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Fountains

  1. The very first night we were in Australia in 1966 (having come with our 3 children from Canada), we stayed in King’s Cross. We had no idea about its reputation.


    • Thanks Raewyn. Was the choice of a train ride to Kings Cross or walking to…somewhere from Circular Quay. My choice was vindicated when several walkers grumbled about the heat and distance. My feet and legs were screaming for a train ride. 😀 ….and I wasted to see Kings Cross…even if it was mid afternoon on a hot day.


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