Black and White Challenge:

Motor Vehicles.



An Indian Motorbike…


vintage unknown.


One of our Botswana Safari vehicles during a rest stop.


This piece of advertising was about twenty feet above ground level.

It reminded me of my first farm ute…a Daihatsu.


Vehicle unknown but easy to see the

company or franchise that owns it.


 From the left: a 1967 Holden HR Ute, the FJ or FX Holden,

a Chevrolet and the Indian motorbike.

Holdens were made by General Motors Holden (Australia) and

the FJ was the first to be made in Australia.


Another of the Holden range…the LC Torana,

released in October 1969.


A Holden Kingswood circa 1976.

VX_BLURImg_0648The fifth car I have owned…the VX Commodore

purchased in August, 2002.

VX2_Img_0649According to MGW we were going to buy a blue car.

Upon sighting this one, in the show room,

and with a 14 year son drooling over it,

MGW changed her mind and blue became

Shanghai red for another twelve years.

Another twelve years because our

previous 1988 car was Cardinal Red.

Nearly all the same to me. 🙂


Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Motor Vehicles





4 thoughts on “Cee-BW-Challenge-Motor-Vehicles

    • Would love to be game enough to ride a motorbike…even a little one…again. However, somehow I think a trip over the handle bars would be a bit more painful than it was thirty-five years ago. 😀


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