Weekly Photo Challenge-Numbers



My contribution for this week’s challenge…



No matter what age you are…

these (above) are some of the

most important numbers in your life,


particularly as we try to stretch them over a spreadsheet.


 It is only in later years that this baby boomer…

numbers_0481has begun to take notice of these numbers.


And a V8 was and still is the number and

configuration of an eight-cylinder engine,

definitely not vegetable juice.

numbers_0466Although ne’er a drop has passed my lips,

I have always known what Black Label 5 was.


and these things tell me if I’m late or early.numbers_0485

 Companies announce their whereabouts

in big, bold numbers…


while those who inhabit more moderate abodes

announce their whereabouts accordingly.



Although we all aspire to have more

candles on our cakes.

However, there does come a time

when we are lucky to have one

and the number it represents is

one step closer to….


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