Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Architecture


My contribution for this week’s




While perhaps not exactly architecture…


I do like this photo of the Melbourne skyline,

taken from Williamstown, an eastern suburb.

Royal-Arcade_0047Royal Arcade…exterior

Royal-Arcade_0055and I am reasonably sure this is

the Royal Arcade interior.

Reasonably because I cannot see Gog and Magog,

time keepers of the Arcade at the far end.


 On the corner of Bourke and Elizabeth Streets…

Melbourne-PO_1898stands the Elizabeth Street Post Office building.


 It has been years/decades since

I darkened its doors

and there appears to have been

some alterations inside,

so I am not sure if it still is a Post Office.


federation-square_0181The home of Australian Art.


We either love or hate the architectural design of

Melbourne’s Federation Square

and its surrounding buildings.

I think it is a bit different, in a good way,

to the concrete monoliths in most of the city.



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