Black and White Tuesday16-2405


Black and White Tuesday

 May 24, 2016


Some shots from Torquay Beach, yesterday.Torquay1_0107

Smaller waves still present the same problems

regarding staying vertical, it appears.


Facial features have been blurred because

I do not know the subjects.

Torquay3_0109However, some street photographers I know, say

subjects in a public place are fair game.


Any thoughts appreciated. 🙂



Hope you enjoyed.



29 thoughts on “Black and White Tuesday16-2405

  1. Wonderful photos. I don’t like doing candid street shots. People do have a right to privacy when going about their business. And children are definitely a no-no. That is why I stick to nature and buildings etc.


    • Thank you, Raewyn. I asked the privacy question in a Facebook group yesterday and the answer was the same as Sarah’s in another comment. Public place, fair game….with some exceptions. I would love to photograph more people. I loved my wedding photography years….however, times have changed since the advent of the Internet. Not to mention improvements in camera gear and consumer level editing software. Nature is certainly the safer option.


  2. Yes, photos taken in public places are very much “fair game”! It’s all part of a social history for future generations. Some photographic competitions request that if a person is recognisable in an image that you want to enter that you need to get a “model release” permission. Great series of images 🙂


      • For a person whose hands shake a lot I generally employ the ‘hand held’ option. However, I do use anything I can (fence, doorway, tree, etc) when I want to eliminate camera shake. I have also sent a note to Santa suggesting a good tripod would be handy. If the hint isn’t taken I will buy a good/strong one at year’s end.

        I purchased my lens for wildlife captures in a proposed trip to Mozambique/South Africa in September only to see it evaporate when those who proposed it all withdrew.

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      • Oh I’m so sorry about the trip!! Treasure the lens though, I wouldn’t be without mine even if I have similar shaky hand issues and find the weight of it a bit much without the pod. I have a midrange manfroto which is pretty good but can be a bit clumsy to track with! It’s a solid bit of kit though which was most important for taking the lens weight. Like you I will use anything around to help me steady my arm. I hope you can somehow resurrect the trip to Africa even if it’s at a different time without a big group.


      • The holiday was one of those things which was put in place, for us, long before we heard of withdrawals, Sarah. MGW had to apply for long service leave by April 2015. We are bound for Europe in September…taking a bus trip. I call it the 21 countries in 18 days trip. Africa is still on our long term agenda as it is a wonderful place for wildlife viewing. There was a news byte on this morning about a couple camping in Botswana who woke to find two lionesses liking the water off their tent. We did not have lions that close, but we had just zipped out tent one night and a nearby lion let out the loudest roar I have ever heard. We had a whole range of animals visit us while we were awake to see them. Goodness knows what went through camp while we were snoring. 😀

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      • Oh such a shame!! Yes, long leave often has to be agreed upon way in advance. Glad you have made plans for Europe 😀 I just really hope that the UK will still be part of Europe after the upcoming stupid referendum!! Leaving would wreck everyone’s economy 😦 21 countries in 18 days is good going!!! You’ll need a holiday after that 😉 Got a list of European bloggers to show you round yet? I’m close to London if you come to the UK! There have been a few wildlife documentaries done by British TV where they’ve put up infrared cameras around the camps to see what wildlife approaches and there were a few close visitations by big cats but nothing like that video!!! The closest encounter I have had when camping was on the coast a few years ago when I tripped over a hedgehog on my way back from the loos 😉


      • No-one was game to go to the loo after we heard that line roar. Found its tracks next day. Huge paw print. 21 in 18 is a bit tongue in cheek. We are booked on a bus trip and leave London, cross the Channel, head north and take loop which takes us nearly to the south of Italy, then return through Paris. 21 days I think, London, Belgium, Holland Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Italy, France, and Liechtenstein. I think that’s all. I think it will be quite different our African safaris. Apart from an over night visit in York, to visit some people who 40 years ago offered me accommodation one night, then paid us a visit in 1998 we have little free time. But should be good.

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      • Yeah, I think a roaring lion in the middle of the night would deter me from taking a wander 😉 I’ve never been to Liechtenstein!! It’s not very big though 😉 Love all the other countries you’re visiting! Many fabulous landscapes 😀 You’re also visiting some of the very best chocolate producing countries! York is a stunning city 🙂 I hope you get to see a bit of it in daylight? My best friend used to live near York but she’s on the west side now in Manchester! I’m sure you’ll have a ball 😀 There should be plenty of beer festivals on around then too!


      • Thank you. I hope we do also. we are a bit time poor. We I first visited the UK I realised I could have spent more than a month wandering around…but managed to get to Stonehenge, Galway Bay, Loch Lomond and Edinburgh. Spent few hours on the Manchester railway station benches. That won’t happen this time though. Unfortunately/Fortunately ‘beer’ is not me or MGW. We (loosely) plan on visiting one of the Gardens (which was recently featured on Better Homes and Gardens TV program) out near Heathrow on our last day to fill in a few hours. I’m sure we will have our days filled on tour.

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      • Oh you did pretty well last time!! Lots of beauty spots, except for Manchester train station 😉 I wonder if that’s Savil Gardens near Heathrow? That’s the most well known gardens I can think of close by. Beautiful courtyard areas 🙂 Funnily enough my hubby doesn’t drink at all and I only have an occasional glass every few months. Can’t do beer anymore as it upsets my Crohn’s! I like pear cider and we can actually get non-alcoholic ones at our supermarket 🙂 Yeah, you’re going to be kept very busy but in a great way!!


      • Oh they’re both wonderful!! Hampton Court Palace and gardens are larger by far with Bushy Park just over the road. It’s one of the royal parks with deer roaming free 🙂 I worked in a pub just next to the gardens and park for a while in my college days. The Palace also sits on the bank of the River Thames 🙂 Twickenham is just on the other side of Bushy Park and Kingston is the other large town close to Hampton. Not far from me at all but I’m just so spoilt for gardens and parks around this area 😀


      • It would have been a fascinating experience. We were lucky to view some lion cubs on an unexpected game drive on the last night of our first trip to Africa. We were happy to see them about 25 yards from us, with mum, and then they came to withn in three or four yards form us and watched the tourists. We had one of my photos drawn by an African artist as a souvenir of the trip.

        I did a quick search for ‘cubs’ on my blog and only found these two links.

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      • I remember seeing these and loving them! The Future post was so very poignant and moving. Yes, you were given a real treat with those cubs! An experience that you’ll always hold in your heart 🙂 Nature, both small and large is so often surprising and exciting me! I had a very close encounter with a bird I’ve been trying to photograph for years today. I was watching the wagtails with their fledgling and heard a distinctive peeping sound from the tree behind me, turned around and came face to face with a treecreeper!! Just about kept my wits about me and actually got a photo before it raced of up the tree and away 😀 I am never ever going to forget it!!


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