Weekly Photo Challenge-Faces



My contribution for this week’s challenge…



First up…

my least favourite face.

And no-one will convince me that they are cute.

Give me a gorilla any day…that is cute.


The thing I love about African animals

is that they will pose for the tourists.

It probably also brings them unstuck

when a ‘tourist’ is equipped with a high-powered rifle.


They look ferocious..but they are really cheeky little b…..s.


The third wheel in our room.


Again what a pose!


We started our day at 0500 and still had

a three-hour train ride home commencing at 1800.

If a bit of gel in my hair helped keep my

Year 8 Geography students amused and quiet,

then it was worth it.

Funnily enough I don’t think the establishment were amused.

But the establishment not have students who

were commencing to vomit and still two hours from home.



One of my favourite faces from Africa.



Butter would melt in its mouth…


 but its teeth may rip you to shreds.



16 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge-Faces

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  3. what an animal kingdom kinda pst – love your clarity – the “teeth will shred ya” shot at the end is my fav – the eyes and clarity and mood and just love it – but really beautiful diversity W. 🙂


    • I have been likened to many things during my life, but have to admit that a punk rock star is a first. Not sure if it’s a compliment or not. 😀 Third form the end is a Ground Hornbill. They look a bit like a turkey…without the tail fan. In my opinion the eye is the prettiest part of the bird. Apologies to all SA viewers. 🙂

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