Black and White Tuesday16-1005


Black and White Tuesday

 May 10, 2016


When we were planning our house and thinking of moving…rain_0068

we decided to catch all our rainwater

as we were used to doing on the farm.

This did not go down well with the builders.

It was different.

What we did not notice at them time was that

the down-pipes were going through

the concrete verandah.

About every 18 months the ground moves enough

to crack and creates a leak in the system.


I have known for a while there there was a leak somewhere.

Sunday was the day I discovered where it was.

Unluckily it was not a break in a straight piece of pipe…to easy to fix.

It was the elbow buried in the concrete.


I had just purchased bits and pieces needed to fix this,

arrived home, and after months of praying for rain

from our south, west or east, and not getting any,

we have received rain which has come

across country from the Indian Ocean.

For an hour and a half we received steady rain this morning

and you can see water gushing out the crack in the concrete.

More rain is forecast and the barometer

is so low it is nearly on the floor.

Life wasn’t meant to be easy. 😀



Hope you enjoyed.