Travel Theme-Friendship




Travel Theme.


A variety of friendship photos…
taji-candi_9333Sleeping Buddies

Taji-Maggie_0796Pushing a friendship.

friends_1672Good friends.


Sharing is easier than fighting.


The sea, a rod, and a relaxing friendship.


 No post about friendship would be complete without

mentioning Brandy, who was to go on

to be my best working dog,

for the next thirteen years.

January, 1988.


Where’s My Backpack: Friendship





2 thoughts on “Travel Theme-Friendship

    • Not so cute when awake though….the trail of destruction is long. And Candi is a kleptomaniac. She has discovered that our next door neighbour feeds his dogs big ox bones which are left lying around neighbour’s yard. Candi is only too happy to help clean said yard. 🙂


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