Weekly Photo Challenge-Earth



My contribution for this week’s challenge…



A variety of photos stretching from

Western Victoria’s, Volcanic plains

to a magnificent sight in South Africa.


I posted this photo of Mt Elephant recently.

Situated on Victoria’s Hamilton Highway

it is one of the many volcanic craters which formed

Western Victoria’s landscape

many centuries ago.


This is part of the family farm of which

I am the third generation owner.

In 2002, about twelve months after Dad passed away

and I was diagnosed with an enlarged heart

and told to modify my life style…no heavy lifting…

we decided to grow Blue Gums, a variety of eucalyptus tree.


Here the earth which we worked and harvested crops

has been ripped by a bulldozer and the

long grass is being burned

in preparation for tree planting.


In 2013 we were taken to the

Blyde River Canyon in South Africa…


to view what it has taken nature

thousands of year to create…

Bourke’s Luck Potholes


The colours and layers of stone/earth are clearly visible.

The canyon walls rise much higher than this bridge…


and being there in the dry season

one can only wonder at what it must

look like during the wet season.



Floral Friday-16-0605


Floral Friday Challenge.


From our garden.

orange-twist_9960We have two potted

Orange Twists

at our back door.


Photos are not as sharp as I would like

due to a fairly strong wind.

An even stronger wind during the

next day or so finished what blooms were there.

All that is now left are the pink/orange cups

in the bottom left of this photo.


Floral Friday

Floral Friday