Black and White Challenge:

Head or Facial Features.


Considering two of my facial features have been

front and centre of my thoughts for the past

few weeks/months this week my eyes are

the subject of my post.

A few months ago I made mention on this forum

that I was going to see an ophthalmologist.


After visiting my third specialist, this one at the

Eye and Ear Hospital in Melbourne, last Friday…


I was told that I had one healthy eye and one very sick eye (above).

The experts want me to trade it in on a glass eye.

Not my ideal scenario or outcome, considering it is

what I call my “Good Eye“.

The left one being short-sighted since the early 1960s.

So if I go missing for some time in a few weeks, or so,

this is the reason why.

All the above was written last Sunday.

Since then I have seen two more specialists and

have learned a bit more a bout melanomas of the eye.

Mine is very small and I have a loose retina as well.

At the moment I am quite a way from having

my eye removed and have another

appointment planned for late June.

Still a bit of a time bomb but I would not

wish anyone to hear this type of news

the way it was delivered last week.

MGW was telling her colleagues about

my problem on Wednesday.

One of them had a similar experience at the

Ear and Ear Hospital.

He was told he was going blind not long after

he arrived in Australia.

Fortunately his brother-in-law is an ophthalmologist

and he traveled back to his home country for a second opinion.

To this day both eyes are functioning quite well.


Cee’s Black & White Challenge: 







12 thoughts on “Cee-BW-Challenge-Heads-or-Facial-Features

  1. Oh I’m so sorry for you!! I’ve had all sorts of eye problems but melanoma puts mine into perspective. Apparently it’s on the increase in eyes all over the world because people don’t wear the right UV protective sunglasses! I know that melanoma has been a big problem in general in Australia. My cousin had it on his back four years ago! Successfully treated but required several operations. Human beings are more adaptable than we give ourselves credit for! I know a local girl who has had a glass eye since a childhood tumour. The one she has now is amazing! A work of art in it’s own right. She’s very stoic about it but I can imagine that growing up with the restrictions and older prosthetics was very hard for her. I’ll be thinking positive thoughts for you!


    • Thank you Sarah. I have spent time in the sun and outdoors, however, the worst time of the ears for UV, January was spent indoors…in a woolshed…during my working life. I have also worn dark glasses when outside, most of the time. Probably not as much while working outside on the farm. I just hope all remains quiet for six months or so (at least) as we have a holiday planned for September and our younger son is getting married a few weeks after our return. It could be worse, but….. 🙂


      • Hard work in a woodshed!! I wasn’t suggesting that you hadn’t protected yourself. It’s just there was a recent news story about it that stuck in my mind. I have to say that you’re the first person that I have heard being diagnosed with it! I have no idea how slow growing they are. It’s very frustrating to see so many specialists and it sounds like you haven’t had a good experience with them. Over 20yrs of battling Crohn’s I’ve had my share of insensitive and unhelpful consultants! It can be very disheartening. Health problems always seem to have a habit of coming along at the worst possible time!! I really hope that you can have your holiday and enjoy your son’s wedding before they have to take any action. All the best Woolly.


    • Thank you Yvonne…I know what you mean regarding clicking ‘like’. Life is looking/feeling rosier than it was over the weekend though. Just have my fingers crossed for the next few weeks and hope there is liffle change. That would be a good outcome…slow, or no change. Was a real Good News…Bad News week last week. Cleared of cardio-myopathy on Tuesday, ‘…we’ll remove your eye…’ on Friday.

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