Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge-Pets


My contribution for this week’s




Pets…this was a tough challenge….!!


I thought I would try some dog’s eye level shots.

However, apparently our door is not clean.

Candi helped out.



Our dogs are outside dogs.

A foot on the mat is as far as they are allowed inside.


I thought my zoom lens was over zooming until…

I spotted they had encroached well beyond their limit.


Candi  has almost grown into her ears.

There are days when the stand up…almost…

and days when they rest again.

These past few days they have been standing up,

particularly when she is walking into the wind.


Naturally there is no show without Punch.

Taji has her nose stuck into everything.

Good job they are good mates.

Of course I could not do a ‘pets‘ post

without acknowledging

the twenty seven years spent with…


ginger_1771aand Brandy’s daughter,


who passed away last October.

The pup looking adoringly at Brandy is Zoe.

She was three or four years old when we moved

and we found her a good home

to continue her working life.


Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge: Pets






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