Black and White Tuesday16-0305


Black and White Tuesday

 May 03, 2016


 I took these shots in Melbourne last Friday.Melbourne_9944

V/Line makes the trip, from Geelong, in about an hour.

Melbourne_9934My thoughts were to take a walk and take some photographs.

However, upon arrival umbrellas were being held high.

I did not/don’t possess one and

dislike walking around Melbourne.

I’m a country boy.


After lunch at the shopping centre

formerly known as DFO…


I  settled for a couple of shots of

the Spencer Street end of Bourke Street.

It is only three or four blocks between

here and the main shopping centre of Melbourne.

However, even 40 years ago I detested walking in Melbourne.

I could walk all day in a woolshed or out in the paddock,

However, walking from Spencer Street to Elizabeth Street

(there is only King, William and Queen Streets in between)

would have my feet protesting and shins aching.



Hope you enjoyed.