Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge-16Wk-18


Odd Ball

Week 18, 2016


Not so much odd as unusual, again, this week.lightning_9997b

 We had a goodish storm in the wee hours of Sunday morning…0200 to be precise.

This could almost be titled

Ten Seconds of Magic


Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge-18






17 thoughts on “Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge-16Wk-18

    • I think it was December 2014 when we had our last storm that I could photograph. I was trying to use the bulb setting on Sunday and never captured anything worthwhile. This was a ten second exposure.


    • Not all that frequent here either. One of my first shots with Dad’s 35 mm Agfa was a fifteen minutes ‘Bulb’ shot of a thunderstorm. Not sure what the future holds in store for me Cee…I maybe absent for a few days sometime in the not to distant future…a visit to hospital appears to be on the horizon. I know this sounds a bit weird…but details are in my BW Thursday post.


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